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Neuropathy Treatments

Neuropathy TreatmentsNeuropathy is a broad term that includes any disorder of the nerves in the peripheral system. This can come in the form of damage and disorder in motor or sensory nerves. Disorders can have a detrimental effect on the body’s autonomic function and can involve damage to the complete nerve or just specific elements of its functioning. This is one of the most common diseases most people have never heard of (15-20 million Americans have peripheral nerve disease). Caused by deterioration of the peripheral nerves, neuropathy disrupts the body’s ability to communicate with its muscles, organs and tissues. Neuropathy is like the body’s wiring system going haywire, causing unusual or unpleasant irritations including tingling, burning, itchiness, crawling sensation, dizziness, clumsiness and more. If ignored, as they too often are, these neuropathy symptoms can lead to numbness at one extreme to unremitting pain at the other.


  • 60% of diabetics suffer with neuropathy
  • 30% of neuropathy cases are diabetics
  • Neuropathy affects about 20 million people in the US
  • 30% of neuropathies are of unknown causes

Causes include physical injury, infection, toxic substances, disease (such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, or malnutrition), or drugs, including anticancer drugs.

Neuropathy treatment is customized and unique to individuals based on their diagnostic evaluation. This painless drug-free, non-invasive treatment protocol is designed to:

  • Reduced pain and cramps
  • Reduced tingling or numbness in the fingers, toes and legs
  • Ability to experience touch without pain
  • Reduced feeling of cold, burning or pain in the feet and legs
  • Improved sense of balance and coordination
  • Less dependency on medications
  • Improved sleep
  • Less restless legs