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Acquired Deformities

DeformitiesThese deformities usually form over time and worsen with more walking. Poor shoe gear can worsen or exacerbate these types of deformities. Bunions and hammertoes are examples and painful corns and calluses may develop with these. If these types of deformities are treated early with proper shoe gear and orthotics (custom insoles) pain, corns and calluses may be delayed. Often surgery is needed, and we have developed techniques which allow our patient to walk immediately after surgery in most cases.

Congenital Deformities

These deformities are present at birth. Some are obvious like webbed toes, shortened toes or club foot. Others become apparent later on. Children with outoeing problems or collapsed arches can often be treated with orthotics (custom insoles) if identified early on. Often simple surgery can be pertinent before condition worsens.

Injuries, Fractures and Joint Replacement

Most times fractures of toes although painful can be treated with splinting, modified shoe gear and rest. When these fractures show joint displacement then surgery may be needed especially in the metatarsal bones. Fracturing of the proximal bones, areas such as tendons and ligaments usually requires rest to heal but may also need surgical correction. Especially if they are chronic or there is a large amount of tissue damage or instability.