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Custom OrthoticsCustom Orthotics ChicagoFoot care is extremely important and can affect your ability to perform normal activities. Whether you are suffering from heel spurs or diabetic foot ulcers, Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare can help you get on the road to recovery and back to enjoying your life. Dr. Milton Kondiles is a board certified and licensed podiatrist serving the residents of the Chicago area. We are a foot and ankle clinic that specializes in a variety of conditions that can be treated with the assistance of custom orthotics. Our staff is knowledgeable and will work tirelessly along with Dr. Kondiles to educate you about your condition and the best options for treatment. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been a part of the residency teaching program at Our Lady of the Resurrection Hospital for more than 18 years.

How a Custom Orthotic Can Make a Difference

An orthotic is designed to support and align your body. At Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare, our custom orthotics do just that! All of our foot orthotics are custom made. We place the foot in a functionally corrected position and take a cast of it. The cast is then sent to a lab to be molded and designed to address the issue you face. Orthotics can be used to treat a variety of injuries, including:

  • Heel Spurs
  • Arch Pain
  • Runners Knee
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica

Once the orthotic is received and you begin to use it, it works to control the function of your foot Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare is your best option for foot and ankle care. When you are wearing your orthotics, much, if not all, of your pain will disappear, giving you the relief you’ve sought for a long time. If your orthotics aren’t performing the way they were intended, be sure to let us know so we can help you make any necessary adjustments. No two people are the same, nor are their treatments.

Our staff is professional, friendly and standing by to walk with you on your journey to relief with the assistance of custom orthotics. We serve the Chicago, Lincolnwood and Riverwoods area, providing the quality care our patients need to resolve their foot pain.