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Athletic Injuries

Our goal with sports-related injuries is to return you to your activity as quickly as possible. To this end we offer novel services that other clinics do not.

Our physical therapy employs an advanced electrical stimulation treatment called, “Microvas“, which is an innovative treatment that involves 8 leads for each leg. The “Microvas” therapy helps a multitude of musculoskeletal problems. Almost no other clinic utilizes an advanced machine like this.

We also employ Electrocorporeal Shockwave therapy which immediately relieves many different types of joint tendon and nerve pain with just one treatment, with no known side effects. This is done through a sound wave, which we believe works as well or better than cortisone injections, again with no known side effects.

These novel treatments along with more traditional approaches eg. physical therapy performed by certified professionals, in house x-rays and implementing the latest surgical techniques to address sports related injuries.

We also can give immediate referrals to orthopedic, hand and plastic surgery specialists to help our patients return to their daily activities as soon as possible.

Finally we address the entire patient and offer nutritional support through diet and supplements to address any nutritional needs of our patients.