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Pass on the Pedicure

Posted onDecember 8th, 2015

Pedicures are a popular, fairly inexpensive way for you to treat your feet. They are especially popular during the summertime, when people trade in boots for wedge sandals and flip flops to show off clean, polished toes. After all, who doesn’t like getting their feet pampered?

Pedicures usually involve some snipping of dead skin, a nice exfoliating scrub, maybe a massage, some lotion, and the nail polish color of your choosing. Sounds like heaven, right? Unfortunately, there are disadvantages of getting a pedicure despite how amazing this treat sounds.

Plucky Germs

Pedicures leave our feet feeling refreshed, clean, and stylish, but there are hidden negatives from pedicures that not everyone is aware of. Pedicurists use a number of little tools and instruments to get your feet squeaky clean. They let you rest in a big comfy chair and then you soak your toes, but what if those tools, or the bath your feet are wading in, aren’t clean? Reports of fungal infections and viruses acquired from nail salons have some people opting to go the DIY route and polish their own toenails at home.

Infections like athlete’s foot, warts, MRSA, or even the flu, are a few examples of bacteria and viruses you may come into contact with at a nail salon. They may be living on an improperly cleaned instrument like a cuticle cutter or nail file, for example. Even the tub your feet are soaking in can be as hospitable to germs as a Petri dish. Sometimes the chemicals and sprays used to clean those basins just aren’t strong enough to kill the really nasty germs, and they latch onto the first batch of toes they can find.

Another negative of getting pedicures is yellowing toenails. Now, not everyone suffers from this, and some say particular colors cause the problem. Other times the discoloration is actually a fungal infection, but usually, if you wear toenail polish more often than you go without it, the lack of oxygen can easily mess with your nails. You will be able to see a yellowish tinge that just isn’t natural. This is a pretty harmless side effect, but not a very attractive one.

Is It Worth The Risk?

Contracting bacterial infections or viruses is an unfortunate risk we take when we get pedicures, and excessive polishing takes away the natural beauty of our toenails. Some people might say the risks are nothing compared to the benefits, but it may be wise to consider your toes’ overall wellbeing before you get your next pedicure.

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