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Nerve Pain in the Foot

Posted onJanuary 12th, 2016

Though our feet are relatively small compared to the rest of our body, the amount of nerves in our feet is not a small number. For this reason, coupled with other factors, nerve pain in feet is a rather common problem people face. Nerve damage is a serious issue, and if you are experiencing pain in your feet, you should visit a podiatrist.

In general, nerves are integral to how your muscles work, as they tell your muscles what to do. Neuropathic pain can generally stems from one of two places. The first is nerve damage in the actual foot or leg, which is rather obvious. However, the second is when there is nerve damage in the lower spine. The spine controls many muscles in the body, so when one is dealing with back pain, they can also be dealing with foot pain.

Whether your nerve pain in the foot is due to damage in the sensory, motor, or autonomic nerves, certain things cause you to succumb to this nerve damage. If your pain is because of spinal nerve damage, it was likely caused by a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or peripheral neuropathy. With regards to peripheral neuropathy, this can be caused by diabetes, injuries or infections, such as Lyme disease, as a side effect of some medications, or alcoholism.

Clearly, nerve pain is a puzzle that takes an experienced professional to fix. Although all nerve pain is serious, if you have been noticing it but then experience bladder or bowel dysfunction, numbness between the legs, or difficulty walking, you need to get to a doctor immediately. However, you ought to see a podiatrist whenever you experience nerve pain. Schedule an appointment at Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare if you have been noticing nerve pain!

Courtesy of: Foot Pain Explored

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