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How Flip Flops Affect Your Feet

Posted onAugust 3rd, 2015

It’s summertime and that means it’s open-toed shoe season. Everybody is ditching their sneakers for sandals. What people don’t realize is exactly how flip flops are affecting their feet. They might look good and let your feet get some air, but a lot of the time, they are doing more harm than good. Below are some of the ways flip flops are affecting your feet.

Flip flops often do not have any support system for your ankles. Because there is no strap or part of the shoe connected to your ankle, you are at a higher risk for sprains and twists. Choosing proper footwear means choosing a shoe that will minimize your risk of ankle injuries. Avoid a stress fracture if you can help it!

Many flip flops do not have enough cushioning in the heel portion of the shoe, making every step a painful impact with the ground. Often, the angle at which your heel lands on the ground is wrong because the shoe does not have proper support or because the shoe is slippery from being sweaty.

There is no arch support in flip flops. When a shoe does not have arch support, it forces your foot into a flatter, more unnatural position which can have consequences not only for your foot, but for your back and posture. When buying shoes, make sure to find ones with proper arch support.

Walking in flip flops forces you to scrunch your toes up to help pick up the shoe. This can lead to long-term hip and ankle problems. It can also lead to back and neck problems. Not to mention, that strap rubbing up against and in between your toes can cause blisters that are painful and unsightly.

If you do choose flip flops as your footwear this summer, try to find some that mitigate these problems. Look for flip flops that don’t bend, are built with sturdy soles that can support your arch, and have enough cushioning for your heel. Also look for any sort of ankle support. Some sandals have straps that connect to the ankle. Lastly, find flip flops that are made of a high quality material. It will be a better investment, probably look better, and help you avoid blisters. Leather is usually a good option. Regardless, spend your summer supporting your feet like they always support you!

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