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Footwear for Teens

Posted onFebruary 19th, 2016

Adolescence is an important time for development. Teenage years are especially crucial for growth, and it is important to take care of our bodies during these years to ensure that we become healthy adults. One area of crucial care that is often overlooked by teens is footwear. Poor support may discourage proper development, which can affect things like posture and foot formation. Below are a few good tips to keep in mind when buying footwear for teens.

Athletic Footwear

Many teenagers engage in extracurricular activities like sports. From being on the soccer team to taking hikes, different activities require different shoes. No matter what sort of club or sport your teen is in, make sure they have well-fitting and supportive footwear that is meant for that activity. If the activity requires ankle support, for instance, be sure to have shoes with that support as not to risk ankle injury. Tennis shoes, cleats, hiking boots–they all serve a purpose, so be mindful when buying footwear for your teen.

Growing Feet

It’s not unusual for foot size to change frequently as a teenager or adolescent. These are the years in life where we grow the most besides young childhood. That being said, make sure your teen has the right size shoes. It is tempting to try to ride out those hand-me-down sneakers or keep shoes even though they are starting to get tight to save a little money. However, your feet need to be supported, as they support and affect the rest of your body, so make sure your teen buys new shoes when necessary.


Shoe types that do not provide the best support are alright in moderation–high heels for a special occasion or flip-flops for a day at the beach for example. However, you should make sure that your teen is wearing supportive shoes most of the time. Teenagers already deal with stress, hormones, anxiety, and all sorts of other problems–let’s not add foot and back pain to the list!

Remember that proper footwear is an important part of development. Growing teens and adolescents need supportive footwear for many reasons—especially if they are active! Getting the right type of shoe that is the right size is crucial, and if your teen really wants to wear heels or flip-flops, that’s fine, but make sure they are worn in moderation. Keep your teen happy and healthy starting with their feet!

Courtesy of APMA

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