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Custom Orthotics

Posted onOctober 13th, 2015

Custom orthotics are often a great solution to different problems associated with your feet. They are meant to support your feet and align your body, meaning that issues with foot pain can be alleviated with this simple treatment. At Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare, we can custom make your orthotic made just for you.

Many different foot problems can be helped with custom orthotics, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Arch Pain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Runner’s knee
  • And more!

All of these issues can cause quite a bit of pain. Take advantage of an easy and pain-free solution with custom orthotics.

If we determine that a custom orthotic is the correct solution to your foot problem, we will take a cast of your foot, mold it to the right size and shape for the orthotic, and send it to a lab to have the cast be made into your custom orthotic. Once we get the orthotic, you will be able to take advantage of its healing powers right away. Oftentimes, patients experience relief immediately, with the pain lessening more and more as time goes on. The pain relief you will feel when you get fitted for a custom orthotic will amaze you.

A benefit of the custom orthotics we have here at Kondiles is that we can adjust the orthotic. If you find yourself not experiencing the pain relief you should be, you can come into the office and we will be able to adjust them to your needs. Custom orthotics could be the right solution for you; call Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare to make an appointment with our podiatrist today!

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