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Cracked Heel Treatments

Posted onAugust 20th, 2015

Having dry or cracked heels is one of the most common foot ailments; luckily, it is also one of the easiest to fix. Causes include standing for a long time, cold weather exposure, wearing painful shoes, and much more. Typically, the root cause is a lack of moisture. During the winter, feet are more likely to become cracked, but people tend to be more proactive about keeping their feet hydrated, knowing how dry winter can be. Therefore, it is important to know that cracked heels can happen at any time-even if you are in the pool every day!

Treating cracked heels come down to mainly holistic treatments. In severe cases, you should contact a podiatrist, but in most situations, one of these solutions ought to help. All of these holistic cures consist of items you can find in your home, or at least at your local grocery store.

Treatment 1: Water. The simplest way to help with cracked heels is just a bucket of warm, soapy water that you can soak your feet in for 15 minutes, then follow up with a pumice stone. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add a couple of drops of honey to the water as well.

Treatment 2: Lemon and papaya. Due to the acidic properties of lemon, lemon juice is a great solution to cracked feet. Using a blender, make a puree of lemon juice and papaya, applying it to the affected heel area. Simply leave it on for 15 minutes then wash away with warm water.

Treatment 3: Banana. If you find yourself without lemon juice or papaya, bananas can be substituted-just blend one up and leave it on for 15 minutes!

Treatment 4: Olive Oil. All you need for this treatment is cotton balls and olive oil! Three times a day, dip a cotton ball in olive oil and rub it on the cracked area until you are cured. Once you have massaged the olive oil in, put socks on to retain the moisture.

Remember that everyone has different skin and responds to treatments in diverse ways. There are hundreds of holistic heel treatments-hopefully one of these will work for you! If you have tried a couple of treatments and still have cracked heels, make an appointment with Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare today!

Courtesy of: Women Planet

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